Our Service division is equipped with trained & experienced team of Engineers. Our expertise focuses on repairing/servicing, calibration, re-location and re-installation for a Broad Range of Technologies of hospital, medical, laboratory, research and scientific instruments/equipments as name-dropping below:-


  IVF Incubators & Controlled Environmental Equipments    
  CO2 Incubators, Triple Gas Incubators, Platelet Incubators, Reach-In-Incubators with Roller, Cell Culture Incubators, BOD Incubators and Plant Growth Chamber etc.    
  Blood bank, Cold Storage & Cryo-Preservation Equipments    
  ULT Deep Freezers -86 deg c, -40 deg c, Freezer -20 deg c, Blood Bank Refrigerator +4 deg, Cryo bath, Control Rate Freezer (CRF) , Ice Making Machines, LN2 Storage Tank and LN2 Containers etc.    
  Pathological Equipments    
  Grossing Work Stations, Tissue Processors, Embedding Systems, Microtomes, Tissue Floating Baths, Slide Heating Tables, Slide Stainers, Knife Sharpener and Cryotomes/ Refrigerated Microtomes etc.    
  Centrifugation Equipments    
  Refrigerated Centrifuges, Non-Refrigerated Centrifuges, Cyto-Centrifuges, Microfuges, Bench top Centrifuges and Biofuses etc.    
  Biosafety Cabinet & Air Clean Equipments    
  Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Air Flow, and Fume hood etc.    
  Imaging, Measurement & Monitoring Instruments    
  Microscopes, Temperature Monitoring System and Data Loggers etc.    
  Operation Theater & Physiotherapy Equipments    
  O.T. Lights, O.T. Tables, Pulse Oximeter, Foot Suction Machines, Doppler, Short Wave Diathermy and Traction Machines etc.    
  Heating Insruments    
  Heating Stage for Microscope, Tube Warmer, Autoclaves and Ovens etc.    
  Other Equipments    
  Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Freeze Dryers- Lypholizer, Micro Plate Washers, Chillers, Circulators, Water Baths, Orbital Shakers, Incubator Shakers, Stirrers, Nebulizers, Electrophoresis Gel System.    
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